Participatory Budgeting in India -The Pune Experiment

Development Central

Submitted to: National Foundation for India, New Delhi

Published: Fifth Edition of ‘The Budget Bulletin’ published quarterly by National Foundation for India-

-By Naim Keruwala

Green rupeeThe World Bank coined the word ‘good governance’ in 1992 and embedded it in a discourse of political accountability that emphasised efficiency and effectiveness in how countries, states and cities are governed. Since then, a number of researchers have studied what constitutes good governance, and one of the most crucial concepts that have emerged from these studies is the importance of an aware and engaged citizenry. Civic engagement is one of the most important tenants of good governance.

The two countries that initially introduced civic engagement in the process of governance were Brazil and Ghana. Ghana introduced the concept of civic engagement in its constitution and implemented it through its legislature; whereas Brazil used its evolving social and political strengths to embed a culture…

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